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Wizard of OZ

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Recommended for ages 6 and up (others please inquire if interested)


There will be 2 performances at Grand Junction HS April 15 & 16th with tech on April 14th & 15th (prior to performance).  More information in the google form. Hurry! Intent forms are due January 25th!

The intent form is for everyone. We ask that ones wanting a dancing part to ONLY fill out the intent form unless you don't dance at Absolute Dance. 

Auditions are for those wanting talking/ signing parts in Wizard of OZ. 

Welcome to the Absolute Dance & Performing Arts production of The Wizard of Oz. As we have a limited amount of time from auditions to the final production, we want to give you a brief overview of the process, as well as the expectations of company members. 


Auditions and Casting

Performers ages 6+ are invited to audition for the show (this includes adults!).  If you are interested in a Lead or Supporting role (a part with speaking and/or singing lines), please sign up for a 10 minute audition slot and come prepared with 16 bars of a song (an accompanist will not be provided).  Younger performers: just sing your favorite song (and if Miss Taryn needs to sing with you, she will!).  

The Rehearsal Process

Once the show has been cast, company members will receive one (1) physical copy of the script, as well as sheet music.  The script, sheet music, as well as rehearsal and performance tracks will be available via a Google Drive.  Please make sure that the office has your most current email so that we can ensure access. Although lead and supporting roles will have rehearsals more frequently, they will not conflict with Peter Pan rehearsals, and will be based on actor/director availability.  Large group numbers will be rehearsed on weekends (shorter rehearsals will take place while Peter Pan is in production, with longer run throughs as the show date approaches).  Because our production window is so small, company members should expect to work on lines, music and choreography on their own time outside of rehearsals.  Parents, please assist your cast member by playing their songs frequently as well as helping them run lines. 

*If you are planning on being a dancer only and not speaking or singing please ONLY fill out the intent form and do not sign up for an audition slot.*


*Additional rehearsals may be requested/arranged with the director, vocal director or choreographer at their discretion.  


Rehearsal Etiquette 

Please come to rehearsal ready to work!  Although we will do brief physical and vocal warm ups, it is recommended that cast members warm up on their own time prior to rehearsals (I will place some videos of Vocal Warm up Exercises on the Google drive). 

With only 10 weeks from auditions to performance, rehearsal attendance is extremely important.  Please inform the director or stage manager of any planned absences as soon as possible.  If a cast member is sick, it is your responsibility to connect with the stage manager to find out what may have been missed.  Excessive absences might result in reduced participation.  

 The following items should be brought to all rehearsals:

  • Script, sheet music & pencil

  • Water Bottle

  • Dance shoes

There will be times during large group when the director might need to work with individuals for a brief period.  This is not the time to talk/joke/play around. Be professional and courteous: listen to the notes, and see if you can apply them to your performance. Remember that any notes given are not a reprimand or a sign that you've done anything wrong! It's about making the performance the best we can! Any questions regarding notes on blocking, choreography, or behavior should be addressed to the stage manager.



Costumes are provided for all company members, however, these must be returned after the final performance.  You may be asked to provide some personal items such as tights or a leotard to wear underneath.  Makeup will be provided for the principals and all characters who are not human (ex. Flying monkeys, wicked witch). All other company members must provide their own makeup, hairspray, etc.  Company members will receive instruction on how to apply makeup for their specific characters.  

Spread the Word!

An important part of any show is marketing!  Company members may be asked to participate in various promotional events.  These may be outside of the normal rehearsals and, although not mandatory, we strongly encourage all those who can attend  to do so.  We need your help to fill the audience! Tell your friends and family about what you’re working on.  Use social media to post sneak peeks of your costume or makeup!  Ask your parents to talk about the show at work.  Grab a poster and ask to put it up in your favorite restaurant or store.  Take some fliers and hand them out when you’re in a big crowd.  Bring as many people in to cheer for you as possible!

And Finally…

There are no small parts, only small actors! We want this to be a great experience for everyone!  Each company member is vital to the show’s success, not just Dorothy and The Witch. There are company members of all different skill levels, some who are taking the stage for the first time.  Please respect one another and be encouraging to your fellow company members.  We are all working together towards a common goal.  Any behaviors that are detrimental to the positive, supportive environment we are trying to create will not be tolerated.  Treat everyone how you would like to be treated!

Thank you for being a part of the production!  Let’s have a great show!

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