Pre-Professional Program 2019-20 School Year Schedule

(by audition or invitation only)
























The Pre Professional Program was designed 6 years ago to bring together students that shared common goals and passion as well as similar skill set and technique to become better dancers and more serious in their training.  Each level is designed to create a well rounded dancer all while developing teamwork and comradery amongst students.  If you are interested in more information about the program, please email us at or call 970-255-8322.

Pre-Pro Beginner

Monday        Jazz 4:30-5:15p TK

                   Hip Hop 5:15-6:00p NS

Wednesday   Tap 4:30-5:15p GR

                   Ballet 5:15-6:00p HS


Beginner Tuition $1150 for school year term or $115/ month

Pre-Pro Intermediate Beginner:

Tuesday        Jazz 5:15-6:15p TK

                   Hip Hop 6:15-7:00p AB

Wednesday   Ballet 4:30-5:30p KV

                   Tap 5:30-6:15p GR 

Thursday      Ballet 4:45-5:45p KV      



Intermediate Beginner Tuition $1450 for entire school year term or $145/ month

Pre-Pro Advanced Beginner:

Monday        Jazz 6:00-7:00p AB

                   Ballet 7:00-8:00p NW

Wednesday   Jazz 6:15-7:15p GR

                  Ballet 7:15-8:15p KV

Thursday      Tap 4:45-5:30p VT

                   Hip Hop 5:30-6:15 TK



Advanced Beginner Tuition $1900 for entire school year term or $190/ month

Pre-Pro Intermediate:

Monday      Hip Hop 4:45-5:45p AB

                 Contemporary 6:00-7:00p KV

                 Jazz 7:00-8:00p TK

Tuesday      Ballet/ Pointe 6:00-7:15p DD

                  Jazz 7:15-8:15p AB

Thursday     Tap 5:30-6:30p VT

                 Ballet/ Pointe 6:45-8:00p DD


Intermediate Tuition is $2400 for the entire school year or $240/ month

Pre-Pro Advanced:

Monday         Ballet/ Pointe 5:30-7:00p NW

                    Jazz 7:00-8:15p AB

Tuesday         Ballet/ Pointe 4:30-6:00p DD

                    Hip Hop 6:00-7:00p NS

                    Jazz 7:15-8:15p TK

Wednesday     Ballet/ Pointe 5:30-7:00p KV

                     Contemporary 7:15-8:30p GR

Thursday        Ballet/ Pointe 4:30-6:30p DD

                    Tap 6:30-7:30p VT


Advanced Tuition is $2750 for the entire school year or $275/ month


Your placement in these classes is determined by the director, upon placement you will be given a password to enroll.  If you enroll in the wrong class, the office will move you and notify you by email.  If you are unsure of placement then please call or email the office.


TK-Theresa Kahl (Director)

AB- Andrea Byrd

DD-Dina Duckworth

GR- Georgie Reigel

NS- Natalie Schievelbein

HS- Hailey Simonson

VT – Vickie Thurgood

KV- Kety Vandervelde

NW- Nikki Wilkinson



2460 Patterson Road #5~Grand Junction, CO 81505  970.255.8322

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