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Let's get to know all the classes we have at Absolute...

PreK Video Demonstration

Tots (2 ½ -3 ½ year olds) - Class designed for kids who like to move to all types of music. Helps boys and girls develop gross motor skills and coordination in moving forwards, backwards, sideways, and balance in various exercises. Class uses classroom type structure to develop listening skills, following directions, and taking turns. Trial classes available prior to registration to see how your young one would do.

Jazz - This is an upbeat, fast paced class that uses different styles from Broadway to commercialized jazz. Technique is also emphasized as well as learning to count music and learn steps and style in choreography.


Hip-Hop - This is a great class for kids to develop the right brain/ left brain coordination. Using beats in choreography teaches rhythm as well as giving kids a chance to "break out" of their shell. Watch your kid develop more and more confidence in this class as they are given opportunities to shine as an individual during freestyle circle.


PreK 1 (3-4 yr olds)  - Class introduces basic dance steps and vocabulary through a structured curriculum called Fantasy Garden . Also teaches the different phases of a dance class, warm-up, across the floor, and center floor practice.


PreK 2 (4 ½-5 ½ yr olds) - A pre-ballet class using exercises to develop more strength & coordination. More ballet steps and vocabulary will be introduced as the class develops.

Jammin Preschoolers (4 ½-5 ½ yr olds) - VERY POPULAR!  Basic dance steps to upbeat music will be taught in this class. Isometric exercises of the body will give your dancer a chance to "Jam Out" while teaching rhythm at the same time.


Ballet - Classical ballet technique will be taught with age appropriate and level curriculum. See your dancer evolve with improving posture technique and grace through the years in ballet, a foundation for all dance forms!


Tap - Classes offer a variety of skill level and tap dance styles such as Broadway style tap and American Rhythm Tap. The classes start with stretching and strengthening drills, and develop dance combinations of those skills, travelling steps, turns, tricks, and choreography. Tap is a fun, full body workout for those who would like to improve their musicality and rhythm.



Modern - A class that requires a foundation in either ballet or jazz technique, in order to understand the various modern dance techniques. The class utilizes basic technique to explore a more advanced quality of movement and to refine the possibilities of the dancer's own body. Students will learn yoga and Pilates methods throughout the modern warm up building abdominal and upper body strength. We dance in the air and on the floor, on our feet, and with partners in modern class.


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Hip Hop


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