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Hybrid/Virtual Classes

What is Hybrid?

All dance classes are taught simultaneously in-person and on Zoom. 

Students have the option to continue their dance training online through Zoom in the comfort of your own home or in person at the studio, following social distancing and mask-wearing protocol. Please note that in-person classes have limited availability. Zoom classes will be recommended for classes that are full. 

Please contact us for more information!

Hybrid Virtual/In-Person Option

  • Please note: In-Person and Hybrid dancers make up the total class occupancy that we would allow in a regular year without social distancing restrictions. In-Person capacity determines how many hybrid dancers we can allow and vice versa. For example: In a normal year if a class capacity is 15 students and we have the space for and have registered 10 in-person dancers during the social distancing regulations, then 5 dancers will be allowed to do the hybrid program.

  • The Hybrid student option allows the dancer to have a reserved in-person class spot in the event social distancing is no longer required per Mesa County Health Department, and we can return to our normal class occupancy. If social distancing is required for the full 2020/2021 season, that in-person spot is not guaranteed. 

  • Hybrid classes are an option for families who are in quarantine, exposed to COVID and are awaiting results, and families who are wanting to take extra precautions for a limited time.  

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To sign up for in-person, or hybrid virtual classes, email us at call us at (970)255-8322 with the class you are interested in taking. 

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