Absolute Dance

Summer Session Classes 2019


Tots (Ages 2-3)

Tots Monday 10:45-11:30a TK


Pre-K (Ages: 3-5.5, Prek 1; 3-4 yrs; prek 2 4-5 yrs and Prek ½ combined 3-5.5 yrs)

Pre-K Monday 10:00-10:45a TK

Pre-K Monday 6:45-7:30p TK

Pre-K Tuesday 6:00-6:45p CC

Pre-K 2 Wednesday 10:00-10:45a TK

Pre-K 1 Wednesday 10:45-11:30a TK

Pre-K Wednesday 6:00-6:45p TK

Pre-K 1 Thursday 4:30- 5:15p KV


Jammin’ (Ages: 4-6)

Jammin’ Tuesday 10:00-10:45a TK

Jammin’ Wednesday 4:15-5:00p AB


Ballet/Tap (Ages: 5-8)

Ballet/Tap Monday 6:00-6:45p TK

Ballet/Tap Tuesday 10:45-11:30a TK

Ballet/Tap Tuesday 4:30-5:15p TK

Ballet/Tap Wednesday 6:00-6:45p KL


Basic Ballet (Ages: 5.5-8, K-2nd)

Basic Ballet Monday 4:30-5:15p TK

Basic Ballet Wednesday 4:15-5:00p TK


Basic Jazz (Ages: 5.5-8, K-2nd)

Basic Jazz Tuesday 5:15-6:00p CC

Basic Jazz Wednesday 5:15-6:00p KL


Basic Hip Hop (Ages: 5.5-8)

Basic HH Monday 5:30-6:15p WF


Level 1/2 (Age 7-10)

Ballet 1/2 Wednesday 6:45-7:30p KV

Hip-Hop 7-9 Wednesday 6:15-7:00p AB


Level 2 (Age: 8-11)

Jazz 2 Tuesday 4:30-5:15p CC

Ballet 2 Tuesday 5:15-6:00p KV


Level 2/3 (Ages 8-12 yrs)

Hip Hop Monday 6:15-7:15p WF

Hip Hop Tuesday 4:45-5:30p AB

Hip Hop Wednesday 7:00-7:45p AB

Jazz 2/3 Thursday 4:30-5:30p TK

Ballet 2/3 Thursday 5:30-6:30p KV


Level 3 (Ages 9-13yrs)

Ballet 3 Tuesday 6:00-7:00p KV

Jazz 3 Tuesday 7:00-8:00p TK


Teen (Ages 12+) designed for beg. Teens                          

Teen Jazz Tuesday 6:45-7:45p CC


Summer Camps


Unicorn Dance Camp

June 17-20 9a-Noon

Aladdin & Disney

June 24-27 9a-Noon

Descendants Dance Groove

August 5-8 9a-Noon


Call the office or visit our website for information on classes or questions about registration.




Pre-Professional Program


Level A:


Hip Hop 4:30-5:15p AB

Jazz 5:15-6:00p TK


Tap 4:30-5:15p KL

Ballet 5:15-6:00p TK


Level B:


PBT/Ballet 4:15-5:15p KV

Jazz 5:15-6:00p TK


Ballet 4:15-5:15p KV

Jazz 5:15-6:15p AB


Tap 4:45-5:30p VT

Hip Hop 5:30-6:15p TK


Level C:


Jazz 5:15-6:15p AB

Ballet 6:15-7:45p KV


Hip Hop 5:30-6:30p AB

Ballet/Pointe 6:30-8:00p DD


Tap 5:30-6:30p VT

Ballet/Pointe 6:30-8:00p DD


Level D:


Ballet/Pointe 4:30-6:00 KV

Jazz 6:15-7:45p AB


Ballet/Pointe 4:30-6:30p DD

Hip Hop 6:30-7:30p AB


Ballet 5:15-6:45p KV

Jazz 6:45-8:00p TK


Ballet/Pointe 4:30-6:30 DD

Tap 6:30-7:30p VT



AB- Andrea Byrd

CC- Cameron Cunningham

DD-Dina Duckworth

WF- Whitney Fox

TK-Theresa Kahl (Director)

KL- Kathy Lybarger

VT – Vickie Thurgood

KV- Kety Vandervelde

***Some Classes May not be available due to class size limitations***

2460 Patterson Road #5~Grand Junction, CO 81505  970.255.8322

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