2015 Summer Camps!!

SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

Registration is now closed due to recital. 

Please look forward to Spring Break Camp, Summer Camps, and our TWO 3-week summer sessions. 

Have more questions? 

call us at (970)255-8322

Pre-K (Ages:3-5.5)

PreK 1 Monday 9:30-10:15a NW

PreK 2 Monday 10:15-11:00a NW

PreK  Monday 4:30-5:15p EO

PreK Monday 5:15-6:00p EO

PreK Monday 6:45-7:30p EO

PreK 1&2 Tuesday 9:30-10:15a TK

PreK Tuesday 6:00-6:45p HS

PreK 1&2 Wednesday 9:30-10:15a KL

PreK Wednesday 4:30-5:15p TK

PreK 2 Thursday 9:30-10:15a TK

PreK Thursday 4:30-5:15p NW

PreK 2 Friday 10:00-10:45a NS

PreK 1 Friday 10:45-11:30a KL

PreK 1&2 Saturday 10:00-10:45 EO

Basic Classes (Ages: 5.5-8)                                           


Hip Hop 6-9 years 4:30-5:15p CL

Basic Jazz 5:15-6:00p TK

Basic Ballet 6:00-6:45p EO


Ballet/Tap 4:30-5:15p HS           

Basic Ballet 5:15-6:00p HS    

Ballet/Tap 6:45-7:30p HS  


Ballet/Tap 10:15-11:00a KL 

Basic Jazz 4:30-5:15p SB   

Ballet/Tap 5:15-6:00p KL 



Basic Jazz 4:30-5:15p TK

Basic Ballet 6:00-6:45p NW

Ballet/Tap 6:45-7:30p NW


Ballet/Tap 10:00-10:45a KL

Ballet/Tap 2:45-3:30p SB

Hip Hop 6-9 years 3:30-4:15p CL


Basic Ballet 10:45-11:30a EO

Ages 8 & up Classes


Hip Hop 9-12 yrs 4:30-5:30p CB

Jazz 3 6:00-7:00 NS

Hip Hop 7-10 yrs 6:30-7:15p CB

Hip Hop 11+ 7:00-8:00p NS



Hip Hop 7-10 yrs 5:00-5:45p TK

Tuesday Ballet 3 5:00-6:00p KV



Homeschool Ballet/Tap 2:45-3:45p NW

Ballet 2 4:30-5:15p NW

Jazz 2 5:15-6:00p TK

Tap 9+ 6:00-6:45p KL

Ballet/Tap 2 6:45-7:45p KL

Hip Hop 6:15-7:00p NS

Jazz 7-10 yrs 7:00-7:45p TK

Hip Hop 13+ 7:00-8:00p CB



Ballet 2 5:15-6:00p NW

Jazz 2 6:00-6:45p TK

Hip Hop 11+ 6:45-7:45p CB

Hip Hop 8-11 yrs 7:15-8:00p SB



Jazz 7-11 yrs 2:45-3:30p CL

Ballet 7-11 yrs 3:30-4:15p SB

Jammin’ (Ages: 4-6)

Jammin’ Tuesday 10:15-11:00a TK

Jammin’ Tuesday 4:15-5:00p TK

Jammin’ Friday 10:45-11:30a NW

Tots (Ages: 2-3)

Tots Thursday 10:15-11:00a TK

Adult/Teen Classes

Monday Adult Hip Hop 7:15-8:15p CB

Wednesday Adult Ballet 6:00-7:00p TK

Thursday Adult Tap 9:00-10:00a KL


TK-Theresa Kahl (Director)

SB-Serenity Blee

CB- Ciera Budge

CL- Caitlin Lawson

KL-Kathy Lybarger

EO- Emily Osborn

HS- Hailey Simonsen

NS- Natalie Schievelbein

NW- Nikki Wilkinson

KV- Kety Vandervelde


Call for more details